The Best Botanicals For Your Skin Type

Botanicals — it’s such a buzzword lately, isn’t it? Everyone wants the all-organic miracle worker that will make their skin gleam, eyes shine and acne is gone in an instant, don’t they? 

But with so many different botanical ingredients and natural concoctions growing in popularity, how’s a person to know which ones to turn to? The truth is, each one of us is different and there is no end-all be-all for incredible natural skincare that shines like the light of a thousand suns (Paolo Valisari, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?)  

Luckily today, we want to break down exactly which ones we’d recommend for your skin type, because everyone deserves a natural solution to their skin’s woes.

Let’s dive in.

Skin Type #1: Normal

Normal Skin Type: No areas that are unordinairily dry or unordinairily oily. You have no severe blemishes and aren’t sensitive to most products.

Natural Skin Care Solution We Love: Cucumber

Sure, we’ve been told to put cold cucumber slices to reduce inflammation around our tired eyes for ages, but have you thought about incorporating its juices into your everyday skincare routine? Cucumbers can work beautifully for normal skin, working to help retain moisture with it’s Vitamin B5 (so helpful for those of us who live out West!) and aiding in collagen production (bye bye, future wrinkles!)

Another we recommend like an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day? Green Tea Extract which protects against UVB damage, pumps you up with some extra collagen-producing goodies and is a big player in the world of anti-inflammatories.

Skin Type #2: Dry

Dry Skin Type: Your skin might experience itchy patches which is really code for your epidermis screaming, “Water! Moisture! Please!” Rose patches and visible lines aren’t uncommon and you often find yourself yearning for more “bouncy” skin.

Botanicals We Love: Lavender

Not only does lavender smell amazing, but it also boasts properties that stimulate cellular growth and promote skin smoothing for our dry skinned comrades out there. After applying for a considerable amount of time, users can usually expect to see a more plump appearance in their look and a better makeup application experience — flaked-off foundation, be gone!

We love this Lavender Hydrosol from Lotioncrafter. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

One other oil you’ve probably heard of if you’re a skincare enthusiast? Argan oil! Argan oil contains a considerable number of both healing and soothing properties thanks to its high Vitamin E Content.

Skin Type #3: Oily/Shiny

Oily Skin Type: Ever feel like you have a SPF 55 sheen you just can’t shake? Then you might have oily skin. Factors that make up an oily skin type include larger pores, frequent breakouts and a shiny complexion.

Botanicals We Love: Tea Tree

Our love for tea tree runs deep (deeper than our enlarged pores, may we say) and this is why: Just a few drops can help dry out skin immensely and wilt out long-time acne that you’ve been on-the-hunt for a solution for. Word from the wise? Apply this only at night as going out in sunlight immediately after can make your skin burn. Better yet, dilute with some jojoba oil before applying.  Searching for one you’ll love right off the bat without all of the extra ingredients many brands add-in? This Stillpoint Aromatics tea tree essential oil is the bee’s knees.

One we think you’ll go particularly ga-ga over if tea tree maybe isn’t your thing or you’re looking to mix it up? Willow Bark! It naturally exfoliates the skin sloughing off any dead areas and works to clear pores of any residue to give you a healthier, glowing face.

Skin Type #4: Mature

Mature Skin Type: When the metabolism of your skin slows down, collagen production naturally works at a slower pace and wrinkles become more evident. This is a sign of wisdom and while we welcome it with grace, but let’s be real, a few botanical extracts that slows the signs of aging down never hurt anybody.

Botanicals We Love: Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip is the real MVP when it comes to mature skin. Working to both moisturize with it’s essential fatty acid, Vitamin A, and regenerating cell production with its number of nutrients, this is the miracle worker for any aging beauty! Looking for a rosehip oil you can trust? Checkout this lovely number.

The Gamma Linoleic Acid in Borage Oil is also a miracle worker for mature skin types as it’s one type of the Omega-6 essential fatty acid that helps with skin conditions and fine lines. You can get borage oil from Lotion Crafter.

Skin Type #5: Sensitive

Sensitive Skin Type: Sensitive skin types are easily aggravated and people with sensitive skin have to steer clear of products that may lead to itchiness, breakouts, unordinary dryness, the list goes on

Botanicals We Love: Chamomile

Chamomile is the sensitive skin dream with its soothing benefits. Working as a calming agent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory (sayonara, pores!) it really is the triad of what most people look for in skincare. Another plus? It’s hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about many adverse reactions!

Tell us: Which skin type are you? Do you swear by any botanical ingredients in your current skincare routine? Which ones are you wanting to try? Let us know in the comments!

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