Easy DIY Natural Makeup Remover with Jojoba Oil

Girl, you look GOOD. That confident red lip, smokey eye, and youthful blushing glow slayed all day. But now it’s time for sleep, and the old adage is still true: if you want clear, healthy skin, always, ALWAYS remove your makeup before bed!

But another thing that causes dull, unbalanced skin? Over-washing with drying hot water and foaming cleansers that strip our skin of its naturally produced oil called sebum. So how do you effectively take off your makeup without scrubbing your face dry? Answer: this easy DIY all-natural makeup remover! With only three ingredients, this remover is so easy to make and will quickly become a go-to in your daily beauty routine. You may have heard of oil cleansing, and this is a small, concentrated form of that.

By using jojoba oil as a base, we are using the oil that most closely resembles our skin’s naturally produced sebum. This leaves our pores unclogged while still being gentle enough to moisturize while cleansing.

Vitamin E oil does double duty by protecting both your skin and the jojoba oil in the jar from damage. It calms and moisturizes skin while effectively breaking up any makeup or grime that rests on the face.

Lavender is an optional add-in for extra calming as well as a lovely scent.

DIY Natural Makeup Remover

  • 2 oz jojoba oil
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E oil – either in capsule or dropper form
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil (optional)

In a dark glass jar (this helps preserve potency by protecting ingredients from light) combine the jojoba oil, the vitamin E oil, and the rose essential oil. If using a capsule of Vitamin E, simply use a clean pin or knife tip to perforate a small hole in the capsule and squeeze liquid into jar. Shake jar to combine ingredients.

When you’re ready to use, give the bottle shake, then gently massage about a quarter-to-a-half teaspoon of the mixture over your face. Wipe away with a clean cotton pad and see all that makeup come clean off!

If you avoid getting water in the container, this natural makeup remover will last up to year.


‘Level Up’ Botaneri Tip

After removing your makeup, wash your face with raw honey for the gentlest, most effective clean. Now all that’s left is to get that beauty sleep and wake up to beautiful, healthy skin. Yes, please.

About the author

I’m Drew, creator of Botaneri and an artisanal skincare formulator and certified aromatherapist who is here to help take the mystery out of DIY natural beauty. I started creating my own plant-based skin and body care products at home to deal with my own skin issues.

What I love most is helping people create luxurious and effective self-care products right in their own kitchens. It’s a lot easier than you think. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

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