I Tamed my Cystic Acne by Forgetting Everything I Knew About Cleansing

If your 2019 has started anything like mine, it has consisted of an array of ways to improve your current habits and lifestyle choices. Is there any better time to start adjust your skincare regimen? Absolutely not. If you’re over having sensitive, oily or acne prone skin then look no further. Forget everything you know about cleansing. Throw our your Neutrogena and pick up a Homemade Cold Cream to completely reinvent your cleaning routine and tame your acne once and for all. 

I was twenty-three when I first experienced a deep cystic acne sore. It was located prominently below my cheekbone, and honestly, it was red with vengeance. My typical acne routine prior to this including a basic over-the-counter acne facial wash, which I only used in my problem areas, so typically, my forehead and chin.

In efforts to combat my eyesore, I stuck with the usual—over-the-counter acne treatment. I was hopeful and confident my irritated skin would return back to “normal” once I rubbed my face with chemicals, and by “normal” I mean oily sensitive acne-prone skin. As you can guess, my over-the-counter salicylic acid-infused facial wash did, in fact, do the opposite. As a first time victim to cystic acne, I began to feel quite overwhelmed and ramped up my acne skin care regimen, which ultimately failed and irritated my skin immensely.

How to cleanse with cold cream

Take a chickpea size piece of cold cream and massage into dry skin in order to break down face and eye make-up and to lift away dust and daily pollutants. To remove, wet a washcloth in warm water and ring out the any extra water. Gently wipe away the cream and watch the grime of the day wash a way. If desired, follow up with a very gentle cleanser using the double cleansing method.

After months of feeling self-conscious and thinking a makeup-free day was far from a possibility, I started my search for the best natural skin care products. Thank god for youtube, the internet, and the ability to find a skin care routine that actually nourishes my skin. My natural skin care journey started immediately after watching several YouTube videos in which I found my holy grail product—Cold Cream. a moisture retaining emulsion of oil, water, and wax, is an easy way to cleanse. 

While store-bought Cold Cream does the trick, my personal favorite and skincare savior is a DIY Cold Cream. This cream is inexpensive and filled with natural moisturizers and rejuvenating oils like Sweet Almond Oil, Hemp Oil, and Grapeseed Oil I’ve found to be the key to revive and nourish my skin.. Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed oil, and Hemp Oil all contain high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Fatty Acids. Omega 6 packed oils encourage skin growth and cell generation. Powerful antioxidants, like Vitamin E, fight free radicals and oxidative stress that ultimately deteriorate your skin’s collagen layer.

Also, Bonus! Cold Cream can easily be used as a moisturizer, makeup remover, and cleanser all in one. Do we really need any other reasons to ditch over the counter products?

Including oils in your skincare regimen before diving headfirst into cold cream is always a beneficial (and easy) way to begin a natural skin care regimen. I get it. Eliminating your Neutrogena cleanser that’s worked somewhat well for years is frightening. But, take this as a sign from the universe! It’s time to move toward healthier and brighter skin in 2019.

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Shealyn is a mid-twenties female residing in Western NC. Growing up in Appalachia and surrounded by the mountains, she adopted a passion and love for all things sustainably based and environmentally friendly. After receiving a B.A in Environmental Studies, she now works as a freelance writer and digital marketer. When she isn’t looking up DIY skincare recipes, you can find her studying up on astrology or practicing yin yoga.

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