Skincare Ingredients: Ivy (Hedera helix) Extract


What is Ivy (Hedera helix) Extract?

Great for: Skin slimming and anti-cellulite

How it works: Ivy extract is said to have a slimming and anti-cellulite effect because it helps prevent water accumulation in the skin. Ivy is indicated as a vasoconstrictive (narrowing of the blood vessels) and antiexudative (counteracting the fluid that emitted from a wound) because of its flavonoids content. In folk medicine, ivy leaves were used to dress wounds to stop sores from forming.

Ivy extract has been shown to help reduce cellulite. A 2012 double-blind study found 81% of women who used a cream with Ivy extract for 3 months showed improvement to their cellulite versus 32% for the placebo group.

Where does Ivy Extract come from?

Ivy extract comes from the commonly known as ivy or English ivy, belongs to a family called Araliaceae.

Examples of skincare with Ivy Extract

Ivy Extract is found in some commercial skin care products with stimulating properties. Some examples include Sorella’s Apothecary Facial In A Bottle ($80), Natura Bisse’s The Cure Sheer Eye ($132) and Ligne St. Barth’s Firming Body Gel With Ivy ($59).

Safety information:

  • English ivy is mildly toxic when taken orally.
  • Milady Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary, 4th Edition
  • An integral topical gel for cellulite reduction: results from a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled evaluation of efficacy
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