Know Your Skincare Ingredients: Silicon Dioxide

What is Silicon Dioxide?

INCI: Silicon Dioxide
Great for: Anti-caking agent to prevent clumping in beauty products
How it works: Silicon dioxide is widely used in cosmetics and skin care products because of its wide variety of functions. It can work well as an abrasive, anti-caking agent, and bulking agent.Silicon dioxide can also be used as an absorbent, as it easily absorbs sweat and oil. It improves spreadability and prevents light reflection. However, this can work too well and leave your skill feeling dry.

Where Does Silicon Dioxide Come From?

Silicon Dioxide, also known as silica, is a natural compound of silicon and oxygen. Often found in quartz form, it makes up 95% of rocks on the planet. It’s also found in human tissue and many plants. Silicon dioxide is a transparent and tasteless crystal that can also be found in agates, chalcedony, and sand.

Safety Considerations

Consuming silica naturally found in food and water poses no threat. However, inhaling silica dust can cause a fatal lung disease known as silicosis. This typically only happens with people working in physical labor industries, like mining and manufacturing. Silica safety also depends on the form used. Crystalline silica is a known toxin to several systems of the body.

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