Skincare Ingredients: Mallow Extract


What is Mallow Extract?

Great for: Anti-inflammatory, soothing, and wound-healing

How it works: Mallow extract has high mucilage content. This means it swells to form a protective gel when it comes into contact with water. (Think the same thing that happens to chia seeds.) It is very useful in eye creams and moisturizers.

Where does Mallow Extract Come From?

Mallow extract comes from the leaves and flowers of the blue, common or high mallow plant also known as Malva sylvestris.

Examples of skincare with Mallow Extract

Mallow extract is found in some commercial skin care products with soothing properties. Some examples include Weleda’s Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion and Suzanne Kauffman’s Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath.

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