What is Multi-Masking — and Why You Need to Try It

Here at Botaneri, we love to help you “level up” your at-home natural beauty routines, so when we heard about this trend on how to take DIY face masks to a whole new level, we, of course, wanted to share it!

At-home beauty is not “one size fits all”. Various areas of your face have different, sometimes opposing needs. Some spots are more prone to dryness, others need more moisture. Some places need more anti-aging help, and some need exfoliating.

For every skincare need, there’s a natural ingredient or mask that helps to target that specific issue. So rather than trying to combat every problem with a different full face mask every single time you set aside time for at-home beauty treatment, try this cool trick; multi-tasking by multi-masking!

Before you get started, remember you know your skin better than anyone else. The suggestions below are just a generalized “map” of sorts that tells where on their skin people usually have certain issues arise. Take note next time you’re going through your beauty routine if there are any repeat problem areas on your skin that you want to specifically address. ’Til then, here’s a handy guide with some suggestions on how to “multi-mask” your way to a gorgeous, balanced glow!

Here’s how to start multi-masking:


multi-masking for acne and breakouts

Issue: Acne/Blemishes

AREA: T-Zone

Use this mask on your t-zone: Clean Green Acne Fighting Machine or Honey Cinnamon Mask 

When it comes to fighting acne, there are a few things you really want to look for: natural anti-microbials, and anti-inflammatories. Antimicrobials get rid of dirt and other acne-causing bacteria that can clog your pores and cause blemishes. Anti-inflammatories help to reduce redness and irritation that comes with a breakout you may already have, as well as calm the skin to prevent future breakouts.


multi-masking for puffy eyes

Issue: Puffy Eyes/Under Eye Circles 


Use the DIY Party Girl Cooling Eye Gel 

We’ve all been there; not enough sleep or an extra cocktail or two can turn into an annoying calling card in the form of puffy, tired eyes. This easy DIY cooling gel can be made ahead and kept in your fridge for whenever you need a pick-me-up for your under-eye area. Perk? It can be rubbed in and kept on underneath makeup for a longer moisturizing effect.


multi-masking for wrinkles

Issue: Wrinkles


Use this mask: Anti-Aging Pumpkin Spice or Anti-Aging Egg White 
Ah, wrinkles. Everybody’s gonna have to deal with ‘em at some point. Luckily there are some amazing natural ways to treat the wrinkles you already have as well as prevent them from growing any deeper or stronger. These two masks are a great way to gently encourage new cell growth and collagen production while tightening and firming problem areas.

Issue: Dry/Red Skin

Area: Cheeks, forehead

Mask: Honey Masks for Every  Type of Dry Skin
Dry skin is one of the MAJOR-ly under-diagnosed issues at the root of many of our skin problems. Over-dry skin leads to over-production of oil, dull complexion, clogged pores, redness, irritation, the list goes on. Our cheeks and forehead are large surface areas that get hit by the most sun, wind, and free radicals that can dry us out. Nourish them and show them some love with this easy hydrating honey mask!

We want to know what you think of multi-making! Have you done it before? Do you find it more effective than just wearing one mask? Tell us in the comments!

DIY Beauty Guide
Frustrated by Expensive, store-bought products that don’t work? Curious about DIY beauty but don’t know where to start?

Let us help take the mystery out of customized, natural skincare you can make right at home. We created a free guide to share the basics of DIY beauty you can create in your kitchen.

About the author

I’m Drew, creator of Botaneri and an artisanal skincare formulator and certified aromatherapist who is here to help take the mystery out of DIY natural beauty. I started creating my own plant-based skin and body care products at home to deal with my own skin issues.

What I love most is helping people create luxurious and effective self-care products right in their own kitchens. It’s a lot easier than you think. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

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