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The Best DIY Hair Mask for Thin, Fine Hair
Prep Time
3 mins
This easy-to-make hair mask literally changed my life. It’s no understatement to say that natural DIY hair care not only made a huge impact on my beauty routine but on my mental health. If you’re feeling frustrated by baby-fine hair that is impossible to style, damaged strands prone to breakage and fallout, or thin hair that seems to only have two styles: limp noodles or frizzy cloud, whip this mask up and prepare to feel RELIEVED. Most DIY hair masks contain a heavy moisturizer like coconut, jojoba, or olive oil. The secret to this mask is that it’s got both light moisturizers and strengthening proteins in it, with zero added oils. It’s also crazy simple to make with only three ingredients…
Keyword: Limp hair
Type: Hair mask
Level: Beginner
Amount: 1
  • 2 tbsp Avocado mashed
  • 1 Egg yolk
  • 1/2 tsp Lemon juice (about ½ a lemon, squeezed)
  1. Combine all ingredients thoroughly until they form an even paste-like consistency.
  2. Wash your hair as normal, making sure your scalp is clean. Rinse your hair at the end of your shampoo with luke-warm to cool water.
  3. The reason behind this is that those of us with fine hair are more susceptible to that overly “oily” feeling post-hair treatment. When you wet your hair before applying an oil-based mask (even though there’s no extra oil in this mask, avocado is an oil-based ingredient), it gives your strands a little extra buffer against the post-mask limpness factor.
  4. Apply the mask to your hair, concentrating on your ends. Don’t make the mistake of just smearing the mask on top of your head and working your way down! You want to nourish the ends the most, then have a little bit make its way up towards your roots. Too much mask on your scalp now means oily-feeling hair later.
  5. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes. As you do this mask more often, you can adjust the time you leave it on according to how your hair takes the treatment. If you leave it on longer, the ingredients soak in more, giving you more nourishment but approaching the danger zone of “limp”. I find that 12 minutes is the perfect amount of time for my hair, but of course, everyone is different!
  6. Rinse the mask away with luke-warm to cool water. GENTLY pat dry.
Recipe Notes

Keep in mind you don’t have to do this mask too often. Once a week is the sweet spot for maintaining that healthy shine!

The first couple of times I did this mask, I was blown away by how shiny my hair was without being limp. EUREKA! It took a few tries to get the ratio of egg to avocado just right for my particular hair type; if you’re still feeling “oily”, back off a bit on the avocado. If you feel static-y, subtract some of the egg yolk. If the bottom of your strands look and feel amazing but your roots feel oily, keep the lemon juice separate and use it only on your roots.