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Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Facial Soap
Activated charcoal soaps are everywhere these days. When used in skincare, it's said that activated charcoal works wonders to cleanse and detoxify with its powerful absorption properties.

I designed this soap to be used on the face, so I included lots of moisturizing, skin-loving oils like Olive, Avocado, Apricot Kernel oils and Mango Butter for extra conditioning. This soap is best for oily and combination skin.

Note: This soap formula contains no coconut oil for those that are sensitive. 

Makes 1 pound of soap
Type: Cold Process Soap
Level: Intermediate
Author: Drew @ Botaneri
Water Phase
  • 4.8 oz Water
  • 2.14 oz Lye
  • 1 tsp Sodium lactate
Oil Phase
  • 1.6 oz Apricot kernel oil (10%)
  • 5.28 oz Palm oil (33%)
  • 2.4 oz Palm kernel flakes (15%)
  • 1.12 oz Avocado oil (7%)
  • .8 oz Castor oil (5%)
  • 4.0 oz Olive oil (25%)
  • 1/2 tablespoon Activated charcoal
Total 1.5 oz fragrance oil
  • .5 oz Tea tree oil
  • 1 Silicon mold
  • 1 Plastic pitchers or another lightweight material
  • 2 Heat-proof containers/Pyrex measuring cups/beakers
  • Spatula
  • 1 Glass stirring rod
  • Immersion/stick blender
  • Food scale
Prep Work
  1. Organize work space with ingredients. Safety First: Put on gloves and goggles to protect from lye solution. I like to line my workspace with paper to make clean up easy.

  2. Measure fragrance oil and set aside. This way, it is ready  when needed. Sometimes soap batter traces quicker than expected so it’s good to be prepared.

Create lye and water solution
  1. In a small beaker, weigh 2.14 oz of lye.

  2. In another heat proof container, measure 4.8 oz of water. 

  3. Slowly add lye into water mixture while stirring with glass rod. Stir until lye is completely dissolved in the water. Set aside and let cool for approximately 15 minutes or until cooled to 110 degrees F (43 degrees C). 

Measure and heat oils
  1. In a large lightweight container, weight oils. Heat in the microwave, stopping to stir occasionally, until all oils are melted. Check temperature and heat or cool until temperature is around 110 degrees F
Create soap batter
  1. When the oils and lye water reach 110 degrees, very slowly pour lye mixture into oils while gently stirring with unpowered immersion blender.
  2. Once lye water is fully added, turn on fully immersed stick blender and blend and stir until you reach a thin trace. 

  3. Add fragrance oil blend. Plus stick blender lightly to distribute evenly. Be careful not to overmix. 

  4. Add activated charcoal and blend further to fully distribute the charcoal.

Pour soap batter into mold and smooth top
  1. Pour each later into the mold of your choice. I chose a 6 bar silicone mold which held exactly 1 pound perfectly.

  2. Let the soap cool. There is no need to cover or cool this soap.

Unmold, Cut Soap and Cure
  1. The soap should be ready to unmold after 2 days or so. If you have trouble removing the soap, let it set for another 24 hours and try again. Cut the soap and let cure for 6 weeks or until the soap is hardened.