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DIY Ila Spa Rose Facial Oil
Prep Time
5 mins

One of my new favorite hobbies is duplicating expensive, luxury and cult beauty products to understand how they are made, how they affect the skin, and also to see if they are really worth the price. Today. I decided to recreate a cult favorite Ila Spa Face Oil For Glowing Radiance. 

It also comes with a steep price of 75£ or $118 for 30ml. According to the Ila Spa website, this facial oil is:

“Our best-selling ‘little miracle’ face oil for men and women is both heaven sent and heaven scent. Incredibly pure (each drop contains 38 whole Rose Damascena flowers), it’s intensely nourishing, hydrating and smells so angelic that applying it feels like the kindest thing you can ever do to your skin.”

It also comes with a steep price of 75£ or $118 for 30ml. I created a duplicate using all organic ingredients for a small fraction of the cost of if you bought it in the store.

Keyword: Dry skin
Type: Facial Oil
Level: Intermediate
Amount: 30 gram
  • 20.92 grams Argan oil 69.73 %
  • 8.7 grams Rosehip seed oil 29%
  • .3 grams Vitamin E 1%
  • .01 grams Rose otto oil .02%
  • .25 grams Sandalwood essential oil .25%
  1. Place a glass dropper on a small scale. Measure argan oil, rosehip seed oil, and vitamin E.

  2. Measure the rose and sandalwood oils. This is where it gets tricky. The rose essential oil is nearly impossible to measure at this small of a quantity, and your scale may not even register the weight. (Mine is very inaccurate at these teeny tiny quantities) In this case, use 1 drop of rose otto oil. The sandalwood may be around 3 drops. The best way to get the most accurate for this formula is to scale up, but when using super expensive materials like rose oil, scaling up gets pretty costly.

  3. Gently shake the bottle.

  4. Dispense a few drops into hands and apply evenly to face before your daily moisturizer.